Documentary Website Design: Functional Fitness

When I started building websites and helping out businesses, documentary website design never crossed my mind. They’ve never been synonymous with small businesses to me, which is who I work the hardest to help. But come to think of it, many indie film and documentary producers need just as much help as any other small business out there.

From a Massage to a Documentary

I had met Bob Rose, creator and producer of Functional Fitness through a mutual friend. From there we built a website for his wife’s business Ybor Massage (which was super fun and rewarding). After that we moved on to creating a site for his newest film.

The Problem

Since Bob had built this site on WIX, we were extremely limited on customization, functionality and scalability for future marketing efforts. The first step was to migrate this site to another host and a better cms. Enter WordPress.

The Solution

I built the site on the same platform and framework as all of my other projects. It’s beautiful because this site looks far different than any other standard small business website. This just goes to show the versatility of Beaver Builder and WordPress. We needed a simple site with a focus on the links to purchase the movie and watch the trailer. From there we’re going to be implementing an SSL Certificate, setting up a storefront, linking it with Printful and selling swag.

Working With Creatives Is Awesome

Don’t get me wrong, when a client approaches me to build a site and I have full creative freedom, it’s nice. They hired me for a reason and I’m happy to help, but when you get the chance to work with another creative it’s always a breeze. There are no questions, limited back and forth, it’s just an overall fun experience. Not to mention they call you on your shit from time to time and help improve your business.

This was a really fun project and we’re still growing it as I’m writing this. You can check out the film here.

If you’re in need of a website or want to learn more about what I do, check out my web design services for more information.

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