Logo Design

Your logo and brand identity are a person's first impression of your company. 

Develop An Identity That Stands The Test Of Time.

Great branding is more than a pretty logo.

It's a way to communicate with your market. There are so many aspects of a brand that many business owners don't take into consideration until it's too late. I'm here to work with you and shed light on a company identity that will look good forever, look good on everything and make a killer first impression.

Who are you talking to?

A well designed brand identity does the speaking for itself. It grabs attention and delivers a message. You want potential customers to be able to relate to you and trust your image. We convey this through symbolism, typography, and colors.

Where will it be used?

Another important factor to consider are the future applications of your identity. Whether used on your website, embroidered on a shirt, or printed on a billboard, your branding needs to be consistent and scalable.

Stay Consistent.

While your logo needs to look great on any medium, your branding itself needs to be consistent as well. By establishing a set of brand guidelines, you ensure that no matter who works with or looks for your company, the message will be the same.

Make sure it's designed properly.

If you ever get a .psd file for a logo or someone offers to "design your logo in Photoshop," run the other way. All logos need to be designed in a proper vector illustration program like Adobe Illustrator CC.

Let's Chat. It's free.

Give me a call or shoot me an email and let's setup a time to talk. At no cost to you, you get an hour to bend my ear and put my expertise to use for your business. What are you waiting for? It's free... Seriously.


If anyone needs a website, I highly suggest Justin. He not only did a great job but he was very reasonable.

Travis Daniels

Cypress Roost Outfitters