An Easy (And Free) Way To Get Google Reviews

First things first, I took a pest control client that opened a new location in a different city from 0 to 28 five star reviews in about a month with this method. It works!

As I mentioned in my previous post about setting up a Google My Business profile, getting reviews from your customers isn’t an easy task, actually it’s pretty damn hard. Think about it…

When was the last time you left a review?

Chances are it’s been a while or you’ve never left one at all. Why is that? My theory is that most of the businesses we work with and things we do are exactly as we expect them. Without any subpar or over the top impression on us, we’re less inclined to leave a review.

Let’s say you go to a steakhouse, order a steak medium rare and it comes out exactly the way you want. The waiter was timely, the beer was a cold craft ale and everything was exactly as expected. You tip your waiter 20% (because any less and you’re an asshole) and then you go on your way.

You had a great meal but you didn’t leave a review for that steakhouse. Why not?

Now imagine that the waiter took forever (for whatever reason), your steak was well done, and the beer was Bud Light. You’d probably be a little pissed off am I right? Time to torch this place with a negative review. Why is this?

Because negative reviews are easier than positive ones.

For some reason, bad tends to make a bigger impression than good. It’s the way we’re wired, and I get it… to an extent. Now, I’m a little biased. I work in digital marketing, so I sincerely understand the importance of reviews and how much they help or hurt a business.

Why do reviews matter so much?

This is a “duh” answer, but people are more inclined to go with a 5 star rated business over a 3 star rated one. Another important factor about positive reviews are your rankings in search engines. Better reviews mean you rank higher in search results than your competitors with a lower rating, bringing you more customers.

So how do you get good reviews easily?

Well, as our favorite review sites like Google and Yelp suggest, “Good Customer Service is Key.” Well Golly Gee Google! Thanks for telling me that or else I’d be treating everyone like crap!

In all seriousness, just ask. That’s it. Follow up and ask. It’s worked for my clients and it’s about to start working for you.

Side Note: I run a digital marketing and design business but only have two 5 star Google reviews. This is because I’ve been spending so much time on my clients that I have totally neglected my own presence. That’s changing.

Follow up with customers via email, text, social media or even a phone call. Whatever works best for your business and your customer.

Granted, you might not want to reach out to everyone. Though we do our best to provide the highest quality service, sometimes people might get rubbed the wrong way (or just not rubbed at all) and leave a bad review. There’s no shame in not asking them for a review. Be selective. Your online reputation is on the line right?

Also, it’s nice to have a system in place where you’re collecting their contact info. Whether it’s your accounting software, an invoicing app, crm, or email list, you can follow up directly with those customers and request reviews.

So how do we make this easier? Supple figured it out. Link Generator Link Generator


Heres how to generate a (5 Star) review link.

I came across this wonderful tool earlier this year and was introduced to a whole new method for getting reviews. I’ve done a lot of testing and it’s worked out great for my clients.

Step 1: Go to the Google Review Link Generator located here:

Step 2: Type in your business name in the search box and select it from the drop down menu. Keep in mind, you have to have a verified Google My Business listing for this to work.

Step 3: Copy the links provided by Supple (in the left column) and send them to your customers via your preferred method.

That link will direct your customers directly to your business’s Google Page with 5 stars populated and the cursor ready to type… how cool is that?!?!

Remember, you have to have a Google account to leave a review on a Google Business listing, which leads us to the only drawback of this method.

Another Side Note: If you just created a GMB listing, it might not show in the drop down menu. I figured out a workaround but it’s a lot to explain here. I’ll be creating a video for that to add here soon.

What can go wrong?

If a user doesn’t have a Google Account, then you’re asking them to create an account, then leave you a review. Kind of a pain in the ass, especially on a mobile device. So what do you do about that? That’s for another post.

Overall, this is an awesome way to garner reviews from customers, raise your business’s rating, and improve your overall web presence.

I’m going to create an entire series about this topic because it’s such an important aspect about marketing your business locally. I’ll update this post with links to other tips as they come.

Do you have another method, a question or perhaps a suggestion for me? Leave a comment below or feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading and best of luck on your journey to getting more reviews!

P.S. If you need help marketing your business, I’m pretty good at that too.

Additional Tip (For Nerds Only)

If you’re a savvy web designer, developer or are lucky enough to have one handy, here’s a pretty cool method for making that link and this process even smoother:

Open your .htaccess file via your favorite ftp client and create a 301 Redirect to the review link you generated above. This can be anything you like, but I prefer something simple like I created this link for a client of mine and it works great when they are reaching out to their customers. Give it a try for yourself:

If you have multiple locations, you can use the city or location name as the redirect like I did above. You can do this for any review site as well, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

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