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Easy Google Reviews

An Easy (And Free) Way To Get Google Reviews

First things first, I took a pest control client that opened a new location in a different city from 0 to 28 five star reviews in about a month with this method. It works! As I mentioned in my previous post about setting up a Google My Business profile, getting reviews from your customers isn’t…
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google my business listings

Do you have a verified Google business listing?

The answer better be yes! Your Google My Business (GMB) listing is one of the most important tools you have as a local business. Depending on the industry you work in, it can help you reach new customers, book appointments, showcase your restaurant’s menu and more. Now, there is a lot of nerdy stuff you…
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documentary website design

Documentary Website Design: Functional Fitness

When I started building websites and helping out businesses, documentary website design never crossed my mind. They’ve never been synonymous with small businesses to me, which is who I work the hardest to help. But come to think of it, many indie film and documentary producers need just as much help as any other small…
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create a google my business website

How To Setup Your Google My Business Website

First off, if you do not have a verified Google My Business listing for your business, stop reading this and go do that now! It’s no secret that Google My Business is a huge part of local marketing. It’s essential. After my initial website audits and local citation audits, setting up a GMB listing for…
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Website Performance Check

3 Tools For Your Next Website Performance Check

A well performing website not only provides a better experience for your visitors, but it affects how well you rank in search engines and can improve your conversion rates. These tools will help you run a website performance check easily to figure out how fast your page loads and your overall page size. They also…
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freelancing in brevard north carolina

Freelancing In Brevard, North Carolina

After 6 years in sunny Jacksonville, Florida, I recently made the pilgrimage to Brevard, North Carolina. A quaint, sleepy mountain town with an old soul and a lively spirit. It’s a town I knew absolutely nothing about. I’ve never been here before. Until a couple weeks ago I had no idea it existed. How did…
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