About Me

I love design and marketing almost as much as cats and exploring the outdoors.

Hello I'm Justin Forrest.

I'm a freelance web designer who was born at the beach, raised in the swamp and lives in the mountains. Currently my girlfriend and I are living in Brevard, North Carolina. You should check out her website too! She's an amazing artist.

After the past 6 years at a marketing agency in Jacksonville, Florida I finally branched out on my own in 2016 with one goal, to help small businesses succeed online.

I saw the need for digital marketers like me to be on the side of the business owner. Someone who can help them navigate this new digital realm of business responsibly, safely, and most of all, successfully.

I started to look past each business I worked with and started to think about who's behind it. The people who depend on it and the people who depend on them. I started to see something more than just an entity or an opportunity, I saw a chance to improve lives.

My parents own businesses. My grandparents own businesses. My friends own businesses. I own a business. I love what I do and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I get to work with my favorite person in the world and help people through design for a living. It's rad.


If anyone needs a website, I highly suggest Justin. He not only did a great job but he was very reasonable.

Travis Daniels

Cypress Roost Outfitters